Customer Accounts

Customer accounts and guest checkout each have a place in the overall shopping experience in your online store. Offering consumers the option to choose between the two accommodates individual preferences.

Guest checkouts

Anonymous checkouts are especially important for first-time customers. Online shopping requires trust in the merchant, and many customers don't feel comfortable saving their contact information during their first visit to a new store. Checking out as a guest is often quicker than creating an account, is viewed as a lesser "commitment," and erases the potential perception that you're after user data.

Customer accounts

Registered accounts give customers an interactive experience and foster a relationship with the merchant. Accounts enable customers to leave reviews and get more involved in the brand's "community," which may also include forums. This relationship is a prime marketing opportunity for businesses to send out targeted product recommendations and promotional materials. Customer accounts allow online retailers to personalize the on-site experience for customers. Items they browsed in the past are easily stored for later, and logins pave the way for specific product recommendations on the website and via email.

User accounts also streamline the checkout process by saving customer billing information so it doesn't need to be entered for every purchase.

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