Strategy is a critical element in a successful web venture

Before the design process even begins, the LWEBG team works with our clients to develop a sound online strategy.

There was a time when strategy didn't matter as much as it does now. But there is so much online competition that you have to do everything within your power to present your firm and products to the right people, in the right way.

Web Strategy is the short- and long-term iterative process of defining the direction of a Website or Web Product. Your online strategy must meet three goals: users, business, and technology to be successful.

The Three Elements of Web Strategy:

1) User
The Web Strategist must understand (by using a variety of techniques and tactics) what users want. This is commonly known as User Experience Research which will create and craft a ‘mental model’

2) Business
A website that is not aligned to business or market objectives is ultimately doomed to fail. The User and Business requirements will often match, but will rarely ever be a perfect fit. The Web Strategist will need to obtain business requirements from stakeholders, whether that be execs, sponsors, sales, or even shareholders. Understanding the market, competitors (and key milestones) and other external forces are also required –a business requirements model will be formed, these are your objectives.

3) Technology
Lastly, a Web Strategist needs to know how each and every tool and technology work, they’ll need to know the strengths, benefits, limitations and costs. This also applies to human capital, and timelines. Often technical limitations will reduce the scope of User and Business needs, so you’ll need to incorporate this going forward.

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