Web Designers

Lwebg’s web designers specialize in creating a website that inspires viewers to take a long look at the products and services our clients offer.  Our overriding goal is to build a web presence that turns viewers into customers. Our web design business experience includes Fortune 100 companies, major newspapers, national magazines and advertising agencies.

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Websites developed by LwebG’s web designers are guaranteed to meet all accessibility and usability standards set by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the International Webmasters Association and the HTML Writers Guild.

And every web design project we develop is guaranteed to meet your design and content specifications and functionality requirements for a period of one-year from the day it is uploaded to our servers.

W3C Web Standards

Our web designers create websites that conform to W3C Web Standards, developed to ensure web content is available to the widest audience possible. This accessibility includes support for mobile devices, screen readers, and continued access to even the oldest browsers. Content stored in XHTML (an XML-based format) will help ensure future compatibility and easy access for tomorrow’s web browsers. LwebG as a company is 100% dedicated to CSS Web Standards. 

Self-managed Web Sites

The trend today is to build websites that end users can edit and Louisville Web Group is a leader in the development of self-managed web development. Unfortunately, because of the intricate coding required to convert simple text and pictures into a web capable format, there are limitations to what an end user can do but we push that limit to provide as much end user capability as possible at the lowest cost possible.

There are a number of options when it comes to client-editable web pages including true Content Management Systems sites (CMS) such Drupal. The advantage to sites built in one of the aforementioned programs is that the content is highly editable and the program itself can be expanded through the use of modules.

If you want to add polling, for example, there is a polling module that your webmaster can install to meet that need. If you want to add e-commerce, there is an e-commerce module available. These are all open source programs, meaning that they are available at no cost, but they normally require extensive customization that your webmaster will generally need to provide on your behalf. These programs offer great functionality for associations and groups with multiple users.

This industry changes every day. So contact us. Estimates are free.



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