Web Design

Ever since Tim Berners Lee invented the Internet, the viewable content and the ultimate consumer of that content have evolved from crude pure text intended for just reading to creative and cleverly-designed works of art intended to help marketers attract customers.

In the early days of web design, web designers knew little about adapting artwork to the web. And since high speed access was years in the future, download speed was even more critical for webmasters so the process of shaving artwork to speed up downloads became popular. Shortly thereafter, designers went to slicing artwork into pieces. That worked well for several years until CSS became adapted to manipulation of artwork.

Louisville Web Group was the first company in this market to comply with CSS Web Standards.

That was just one of many "firsts" to which we can take credit. 

In 2004, Louisville Web Group started using WordPress to create self-editable websites. The demand was there but the technology lagged behind demand. We were among the first web design companies to create websites that users could edit.

In ensuing years, LWG began working extensively in user-editable ecommerce website design and we quickly learned that WordPress couldn't meet our expectations so we began using Magento. Magento proved to be an amazing success and we continued working in Magento for ecommerce and WordPress for non-commerce websites.

In 2015, we met Ryan Sczrama. Ryan had been working extensively with Drupal and he was the lead developer for the Drupal Commerce project. At his urging, we tried out Drupal and Drupal Commerce. We've been very happy and, since then, our primary focus has been on Drupal to meet our clients' web development needs.

Today, we're extremely competent with nearly all Content Management and Ecommerce solutions and that puts us in a position to meet virtually any requests that our clients make.


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