What is UX Design?

The Importance of UX Design

UX refers to “user experience” and UX design is about leading viewers through your website so they go where YOU want them to go, rather than having them wander aimlessly through your content.

UX designed websites tend to have a lower bounce rate and visitors tend to stay longer and view more pages than viewers who visit websites developed with traditional design techniques and pre-built templates from a mill.

How UX Design works

Proper user experience website design incorporates a number of disciplines to impact the overall experience a person has when viewing a website.

It involves a sequence of interactions between you, through your website, and a website visitor. When you create a website, you have a series of objectives you wish to accomplish and it is your website designer’s job to apply the proper design elements to effectively communicate those goals to maximize the effectiveness of your message.

UX navigation

It’s also your UX web designer’s job to satisfy the needs of your website’s visitors quickly and efficiently. People do like to click, but they don’t like to have to click more than a few times to find the information they seek.

UX Design elements include:

  • An aesthetically pleasing design, applying the right amount of visuals, including graphics, photography and videos where appropriate
  • Proper use of text to describe your company and establish reasons a person should do business with your company
  • Clean and accurate navigation to enable viewers to quickly find the information they seek

Our design team specializes in creating stimulating artwork that inspires viewers and motivates them to become customers utilizing CSS, HTML 5, Drupal CMS and custom PHP programming.

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