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Louisville Web Group is a web design, development and e-commerce company specializing in Search Engine Marketing, or SEO, for Lexington, KYbusinesses.  SEO is an acronym used in place of the longer term Search Engine Optimization. And unfortunately, it is a frequently misused term by people who are out to make a fast buck. SEOdescribes the extra steps a web developer or designer has to take when properly developing a website and the term refers to proper coding elements and tags. These elements occur throughout the code in every website and it isn’t uncommon for a non-professional web developer or designer to leave them out, thus taking short cuts at your expense. Google considers the “title tag” one of the most important elements in a properly optimized website. Another important element is the “description tag”, that, like the title tag is included in the <head> section of your website. Most items in the <head> section are invisible to viewers, although the title tag is quite visible if you know where to look.

If your website was properly optimized, your <head> section will look something like this:

<title>Hair transplant surgeon Dr. William Parsley</title>
<meta name=”description” content=”Hair transplant, or surgical hair restoration, is the only proven method etc.< />
<meta name=”keywords” content=”hair transplant, hair restoration, etc.< />

There are a lot of other lines of code, but these lines illustrate the tags we’ve been discussing, the title tag, the description tag and the keywords. The title tag is the first thing Google crawler sees and it, in conjunction with the description tag, are the two most important elements to a properly optimized site.

Other important coding elements include tag elements for photographs, or “alt” tags. They are a part of the standards set by the WC3 to promote use of the Internet by the blind.

Why choose us to perform SEO for your Lexington, KY business?

Louisville Web Group – or any professional web design company – should produce websites “right out of the box” that are properly optimized. You can check your own website by looking at the dark blue strip at the very top of your browser page. If it reads “Mozilla Firefox“,”Internet Explorer“, “Index”, or worse, “Home”, then call Louisville Web Group today at 502-749-4131 because your site is badly in need of SEO. 



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