Complete Search Engine Marketing Solutions
There are more than 108 million websites on the Internet and if you want to compete online, search engines have to be able to find your site and index it quickly. Louisville Web Group knows how to get your website found by search engines with our advanced Search Engine Optimization program, or SEO. Most of our customers are very dependent on online traffic and they have learned to depend on our SEO skills.

Every member of the LWEBG team is dedicated to creating websites that generate business for our clients. And, as a result, every member of the LWEBG team is knowledgeable of SEO techniques and protocols, which are incorporated in every line of code we write, every piece of artwork we create, every word we write and every photograph we insert.

Ever Changing Algorithms And How They Affect SEO
Major search engines constantly struggle with fair determination of a site’s relative importance because when a viewer searches for information, the search engines want those search engine results to be sound, just as the viewer does. So they are constantly changing the way their “bots” are programmed, in an effort to make their searches as sound as possible. As Webmasters who specialize in search marketing and SEO, it’s our job to stay on top of those changes so that every one of our clients can maximize their search engine placement.

How Programming Impacts SEO
Louisville Web Group applies the freshest programming science and combines it with our knowledge of SEO, i.e. what search bots see when they access your website and how they interpret the information provided in the code and site text.

The Googlebot can’t see flash files, at least not yet, and it can’t see artwork or images unless all the meta tagging is done properly. The Googlebot does have logic incorporated into its algorithm and all statements must be contextually logical and relate to the subject matter at hand or your website will be penalized.

Google itself recommends against using dynamic pages throughout a website, so Louisville Web Group’s policy is to make dynamic what needs to be dynamic – everything else is static. It works.

We also like to employ the cleanest code for our web projects and to that end we exclusively use CSS Web Standards. We hand code everything and that takes longer and costs more but the end result is flawless, clean code that is free of tables (yuck!) that search engines have trouble with.

Very few web designers possess this depth of SEO knowledge but Louisville Web Group does. We’re passionate about SEO and we’re very good at it. 


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