Help search engines find your website

Obtaining higher search engine rankings via a simple keyword search or organic search program can be a slow process and that’s why our recommended plan focuses on organic strategies for the longer term but includes a pay-per-click program for peak sales seasons.

There are three major elements in an effective SEO program - “On-page” strategy, “Off-page” strategy and PPC, or pay-per-click. On-page strategies deal with code, content, site architecture and tagging. This element is SEO in its truest sense, i.e. it makes your website search engine friendly in every possible way.

Off-page strategy deals with attracting customers by utilizing contemporary techniques such as social media, blogging and online marketing.

PPC strategy yields immediate results, making it perfect for our current situation. The disadvantage is that you pay as you go. The generally accepted strategy is to start a PPC campaign at the same time you start an organic SEO program. That way, all bases are covered and you can start growing your customer base right away!

Here are our recommended processes:

On-Page SEO Program

o   Optimize all the head tags, alt tags, page titles and description tags for search.

o   Optimize content structure, use of keywords, phrases, header tags and sub-header tags.

o   Define landing page architecture and strategy and begin building the highest-priority landing pages.

o   Optimized download speed for both websites.

o   Optimize Google My Business.

o   Optimize Google Maps.

o   Create a custom blog with its own URL, which we can use to support social media activities.

o   Set up free listings in Google, Yahoo, Yelp, Bing, etc.

o   Submit your website to available free premium directories.

o   Initiate internal/inbound/reciprocal linking strategy.

Off-Page SEO

o   We will initiate a web marketing program in which we employ social media, blogging and link building strategies and techniques.

o   We will set up and manage your presence on the three most critical social networking sites (Facebook, Pinterest and Houzz) and customize Facebook.

o   We will set up business pages on social media sites that allow them.

o   We will manage these sites on your behalf, with 2 - 3 postings made every week.

o   We will develop one new professionally written article for your website each month that will initially be published as a series of blog posts, then submitted to your social networking sites, with optimized anchor text.

o   We will build three new landing pages initially on both websites and then one new landing page each month, funneling authority to each new page as it is built through our internal linking program and by establishing supporting links to encourage search engines to index and re-visit those pages.

o   Mine new social media and banner advertising opportunities as they come available and make recommendations as appropriate.



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