Pay-per-Click Management for Ecommerce

For fast results, running a series of Pay-Per-Click has the potential to tell you quickly what works and what doesn't in your marketing efforts. Related to SEO, PPC marketing involves displaying an advertisement on the search engine result page by bidding on keywords. The higher your bid, the higher your ad is in the results. You only pay money when someone actually clicks on your advertisement. This is deceptively simple.

PPC can offer great results, and if you fine-tune a campaign correctly, it can almost be like printing money. But you need to constantly be testing, measuring, testing, measuring, and then testing some more.  What do you test and measure? A variety of things. Ad copy, keywords search, landing pages, etc.  If you aren't testing and measuring these things, you are just throwing money into a pit.  We can manage all of this for you and help you find exactly what is profitable.

Our PPC management services provide you with the expertise and experience needed to get targeted traffic and begin turning a profit.

  • Keyword Research and Management - We find the keywords that are most likely to generate revenue and set realistic bids to begin receiving targeted traffic.
  • Keyword Pruning - When a keyword doesn't work out, either because there is too much competition and the bid is too high or the people searching that keyword simply never want to buy anything, we prune that keyword from your list and begin focusing on others. Don't keep throwing pearls before swine.
  • Ad Copy Writing, Testing, and Tweaking - We write the ads people will see when they search. You don't simply want to write a few ads and then go. You want to constantly be trying different phrases and combinations. So we track and tweak what works and what doesn't, getting rid of irrelevant clicks and increasing profitability.
  • Landing Page Testing and Tweaking - The landing page is what people first see after they click on your ad. This is where you need to convince them to become a customer and buy your product/service. We test and tweak and do something called split-testing to ensure we are always improving your conversions and therefore increasing your profitability.
  • Ad/Page Relevancy and Quality Score Improvement - Google keeps an internal quality score for ads and landing pages.  Higher click through rates (CTR) on ads and relevant landing pages increase your score, which in turn can lower your costs and move your ad above others, even though you might be bidding less. So it directly affects your bottom line.

All of these combine to help lower your cost per click (CPC) and increase your conversion rate.

We charge a low rate per keyword per month to manage your PPC efforts and make them successfull. Contact us today to begin increasing your revenue.


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