Search Engine Optimization for Ecommerce

Search engines such as Google are one of the main ways people find what they are looking for. When people search for your services and products, your site needs to be near the top. For your online presence to reach it's full potential, you need a partner who understands SEO and how to attract new customers. And not just "generic" SEO. Ecommerce has its own unique twists and turns to navigate, and so additional attention and expertise is recommended.

SEO comes down to three essential things:

  1. Your own unique content that is helpful, useful, and adds value. This includes things like video.
  2. Engagement and converstion potential of that content, so visitors become customers.
  3. Links from other sites to your content and products/services.

Our range of SEO services address each of these factors and include:

  • Keyword Research and Analysis - What are the popular keywords and how many searches are there a month? What keywords do people use when they are looking to buy? You want to focus your efforts on targeting phrases that are profitable.
  • On-Page SEO Optimization - We make sure your meta tags are all in order, that alt tags for images are present and sufficient, that page structure is optimized for search bots, that your content is interlinked properly, and in general make sure there are no roadblocks that will cause a hang up down the road.
  • Content Architecture and Strategy - To get links you have to have content that is useful and engaging. Not only that, it needs to be easy to categorize and group together so it is easy to search and browse, and search. We help map out a content strategy that Product categorization also falls under this. For instance, did you know that "paging" products in categories can be bad for your ranking because it dilutes relevancy?
  • Conversion Optimization - What good are visitors if they never become customers? SEO is only as good as your conversion rate, and so we work with landing pages and split testing to ensure you squeeze as much revenue as possible from your search marketing efforts.
  • Product Description Copy - Never use the manufacturers copy for a poduct description. Never. You want descriptions that are unique, fresh, and even more helpful to customers than your competitors. This is one of the most important factors for success in online retailing.
  • Basic Link Building - Backlinks from other sites are the key factor for search engines when determining how relevant your site is for a particular search. Getting those links can be a difficult and arduous task. However, we are skilled in several methods and strategies that will begin building your link popularity.
  • Advanced Link Building - We help create content and media that has the potential go viral and attract lots of natural links. Videos, infographics, contests, etc.

You can also get a full SEO audit for as little as $450. Contact us for more details.


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