Social Media for Ecommerce

Online marketing isn't just about broadcasting anymore. You must engage in the conversation your customers and clients are having about you. If you don't, someone else will, and your brand could suffer. You could also be leaving sales on the table.

Social media offers a great opportunity to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction, give a boost to your SEO efforts, and get instant feedback from the people who really matter, and we can provide you with a strategy for engagement that can be measured for clear ROI.

We can provide the following:

  • Training and Best Practices - We'll teach you how to use services like Facebook and Twitter to their full potential.
  • Long Term Strategic Planning - What should you share via your social channels? What are your goals? How often should you engage, and what should you respond to? We'll help you figure all this out.
  • Related Content Aggregation and Alerts - We'll help you aggregate content that your users will find interesting, and alert you to other relevant conversations going on around the Internet.
  • Competitive Analysis and Brainstorming - You'll learn what your competitors and other related businesses are doing with social media, and we'll help provide creative ideas of how to uniquely utilize your own channels.
  • Custom Branded Social Media Pages - You'll get a customized social media profile that matches your brand. We can do custom Twitter backgrounds and custom Facebook landing pages.

Some providers say they can take over your social media presence and handle it for you. That you can essentially outsource it. But we don't think that offers the best value to your or your customers. We think that outsourcing customer engagement actually misses the entire point of customer engagement. So we offer our expertise and recommendations while you remain hands on and in control of your brand - which is the way it should be.


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