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A website design company providing business everywhere with quality website design and development services with a focus on Drupal, mobile, ecommerce development and SEO. 

Why should you choose LwebG for your next website design and development project? Because you can count on us to deliver what we promise, at the agreed upon price, on or before the date we promised. You can trust us because we have almost 15 years experience in the website design profession and that means our clients approve of what we do.

Louisville Web Group started in 1998, before there was a Facebook, before there was Twitter, before there was LinkedIn and even before there was MySpace. When Louisville Web Group first started, PHP, the world's most widely used scripting language, was still in its infancy.

In those 15 years, we've seen the rise and fall of literally hundreds of website design firms, from tiny, one man (or woman) shops to large firms and that's just in our home city of Louisville, Kentucky. When a website design company goes out of business, the ensuing chaos is unimaginable.

Website backups are lost, file backups are lost, password credentials are lost, hosting records are lost and, in some cases, domain registration records are lost as well. It is truly a nightmare for those to whom it has happened.

There are other reasons to hire us for your next web design or web development project!

Louisville Web Group is a member of the Better Business Bureau where we have maintained an A+ BBB rating since joining in 2005. That means we have had no complaints or disputes with any clients or former clients. 

Louisville Web Group is an icon in our community, holding memberships in most of the most critical community organizations like the Louisville East Chamber of Commerce and the KSAE, and providing pro bono services to a number of community based non-profit associations and groups.

On the creative side, we do white label website design for some of the nation's leading advertising agencies and our work continues to be recognized as among the finest anywhere. We always work with our clients to develop a Content Architecture before we do anything else. This step is something that other web design companies rarely do. A Content Architecture program adds immeasurable value to the development process and enables us to develop exactly the right structure and navigation schema to help your customers find the information they are looking for quickly and efficiently.

Strong Technical Expertise in Programming and Ecommerce

On the technical side, we develop all types of websites, from simple sites for small businesses to large ecommerce website design projects for large companies. Since our formation, Louisville Web Group has worked with virtually every kind of web development language, including ASP and PHP, and we have worked with all the most popular content management systems, including WordpressJoomlaExpression EngineRuby on Rails and Drupal.

For ecommerce, Louisville Web Group has worked with Wordpress, Joomla's VirtueMartPrestashopZenCartLite CommerceOSCommerce and Magento. All these ecommerce systems have some great features but all of them have shown weaknesses that are difficult and sometime painful to overcome.

We Specialize in Drupal and Drupal Commerce

In 2011, with the appointment of Matt Robison as VP/General Manager of our firm, we made the decision to specialize and place our primary focus on Drupal. When we reviewed Drupal, we found that it met all of our criteria for preferred platform status with our web design firm. Drupal is Open Source, which was an absolute requirement. In addition, from the standpoint of our development team, Drupal is durable, scalable and flexible.

From the standpoint of our customers, Drupal is highly intuitive and as easy to work with as Microsoft Word. We typically include 2 hours of training when we launch a new Drupal website and, to date, our customers have never needed that much time. And when a customer uses Drupal, things don't break! We never receive any calls from clients complaining that such and such doesn't work. Drupal always works.

f you're looking to build a new website or making changes to an existing one, contact LwebG. We're always happy to help you.



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