Eight Reasons You Need an Email List

If you don’t have an email list, then you need to get started building one. Your email list is the best way to keep in contact with your customers and to help prospects learn more about you. With an email list, you can build a real business online. Here are some of the reasons why.

1. You Own the List

When you build an audience on other mediums like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and so forth, you do not own these audiences – the platform does. Look what happened to the well-loved live talk radio site Blab.me recently. Many people who solely relied on this free service ended up without a business, overnight.

2. You Can Give Yourself a Raise

When you have a well-maintained and active email list full of targeted customers, you can literally give yourself a raise whenever you want to by simply sending out an email sharing something that worked for you or that you created that will help them.

3. It’s a Great Way to Build Relationships

Email is a little more personal than social media or other methods of communicating with your audience. When someone checks their social media wall they just look at your message quickly, if they’re lucky enough to even notice it as it goes by. With email, if they don’t check it, it shows as a new message until they do.

4. A More Private Way to Share Information

When you share insider tricks and tips, email is a great way to do it because it feels more exclusive. People like feeling as if they’re part of a special group or a VIP.

5. Email Outperforms Everything Else

The stats speak for themselves. Email consistently, to this day, achieves a better return on investment than any other type of online marketing. So, if you really want to be successful, listen to people when they say accurately, “the money is in the list.”

6. Easiest Way to Scale Your Business Up

If your business is not earning the type of money you wanted to earn, have an email list-building campaign and watch it soar. Getting new members on your list will get things charged up enough that you’ll start making more money.

7. Best Way to Communicate with Customers

Sending an email out to all your customers is a better way to get information to them than sending it on social media. Usually, you’ll want to put the message on your blog and then also in an email.

8. It’s the Closest You Can Get to Your Customers

People take their phone to bed with them these days. You’re never going to get closer to your customers than you will once you get their email address.

Your email list is the best way to leverage your customers and keep them as long-term customers. It’s also one of the best ways to persuade prospects who signed up for your email list to become customers.


Source: website-design Author: Steve Cartwright


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