SEO is Still a good Investment

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) continues to be one of those areas of business that still puzzles entrepreneurs, both new and established, across the web. However, this isn’t because there’s lack of information about it. On the contrary, there is far too much information floating around and, unfortunately a lot of it is false.  And the most damaging notion that keeps making appearances is that SEO is dead and that any investment in this strategy is a waste of resources. This couldn’t be more wrong.

It is understandable for new businesses looking to save money to fall quickly for such misinformed baits. With SEO being a relatively invisible tool and slow manifesting resource, it’s an easy target.
SEO, however, is not dead. In fact, it’s much more robust and essential in the present marketing and business landscape across the world.

Search Engines Are Growing Every Day
It doesn’t matter whether you’re an ecommerce company, a tech startup or a spa; chances are people are going to Google before opting for your services. It’s not just a matter of how well reviewed your services are. It’s about being found when someone searches online for the services you offer.

It’s Cost Effective
Compared to most business investments, ROI with respect to your investments in SEO takes time to become apparent. But don’t get thrown off by the seemingly expensive upfront costs that SEO demands, because in the long run, SEO has been known to provide a fairly good ROI.

Smarter Is Always Better
One of the reasons why the whole “SEO is dead” thing keeps popping up now and again is because search engines like Google are evolving at a break neck speed. They’re getting better at evaluating content quality and user experience; not mention their increasingly sophisticated ranking systems that seem to eliminate the possibility of gaming the system.

Courtesy of TechCo


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