Ecommerce Marketing

If you have a great website, but no one can find it, will you make any sales? "If you build it, they will come" sure sounds nice, but it couldn't be further from the truth. And simply getting more traffic to your site isn't enough (although an important part of the whole picture.)  After all, what good are thousands and thousands of visitors to your site if none of them actually become customers? Our marketing stategies have one goal: to increase your revenue and deliver an ROI that is easy for you to see and measure.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Search engines such as Google are one of the main ways people find what they are looking for. When people search for your services and products, your site needs to be near the top. For your online presence to reach it's full potential, you need a partner who understands SEO and how to attract new customers. And not just "generic" SEO. Ecommerce has its own unique twists and turns to navigate, and so additional attention and expertise is recommended.

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For fast results, running a series of Pay-Per-Click has the potential to tell you quickly what works and what doesn't in your marketing efforts. Related to SEO, PPC marketing involves displaying an advertisement on the search engine result page by bidding on keywords. You only pay money when someone actually clicks on your advertisement.

PPC can offer great results, and if you fine-tune a campaign correctly, it can almost be like printing money. But you need to constantly be testing, measuring, testing, measuring, and then testing some more.  What do you test and measure? A variety of things. Ad copy, keywords search, landing pages, etc.  If you aren't testing and measuring these things, you are just throwing money into a pit. We can manage all of this for you and help you find exactly what is profitable.

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Social Media

Online marketing isn't just about broadcasting anymore. You must engage in the conversation your customers and clients are having about you. If you don't, someone else will, and your brand could suffer. You could also be leaving sales on the table.

Social media offers a great opportunity to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction, and we can provide you with a strategy for engagement that can be measured for clear ROI.

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Ecommerce Analytics

What's happening on your site? What is your most popular content? What page are people exiting your site from? Are too many people leaving without checking out their cart? 

Analytics is critical for any marketing efforts you implement. You need to know exactly where most of your sales come from, and how much revenue a particular marketing tactic is generating. If you don't know and have no way of finding out, then you might as well be playing roulette with your money in Vegas.

We recommened a free analytics package, but like anything, its only worth the time you spend with it. We can help set it up and train you how to use it and what to look for. We also offer analysis ourselves and can make recommendations.

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It takes effort and expertise to make your ecommerce site a success, and we can help.


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