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Our History

Louisville Web Group was founded in 1998 by Gary Rawlings, a former advertising agency executive and writer. With experience with such newspapers as the Louisville Courier-Journal and the Lexington Herald-Leader, Gary quickly grasped the significance of the Internet and its far reaching influence on business.

Starting as a one-man office, the company quickly, yet carefully, expanded as demand for his services increased. Currently, we operate as a small but highly skilled 5-person team of professionals, each of whom bring outstanding personal and professional resources to meet every client need.

Web Design and Ecommerce Development

We have designed and developed hundreds of websites, for clients nationwide and global in scope. We simply love building websites, marketing websites, and seeing them take on a life of their own in their owner's hands. Everything we do is geared toward growing your revenue and market share, making it a true success by delivering clear ROI and improving your bottom line. Real value. Real results. We only truly succeed when our clients succeed.

Our work is also geared toward empowering owners to take control of their own destiny. To that end, we use an open source content management system called Drupal for most of our projects. No propriety systems. No license fees. These are websites you will feel comfortable administrating yourself. We'll always here to help, but you will be in total control.

So are you serious about your own web presence? Are you ready to succeed in the fast-growing online retailer space? Do you want more satisfied customers? Let us help.


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